The Burrell Collection Top 30 Highlights

Image shows Burrell Portrait of Edmond Duranty

Burrell Collection Top 30 Objects

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Princess Cecily stained glass window
Princess Cecily
about 1483-1484
Originally from the Royal window at Canterbury Cathedral, this panel representing the daughter of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville is one of the finest examples of late 1400s stained glass.
England (place of manufacture); England, Kent, Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral (place of use)

The Red Ballet Skirts Pastel
The Red Ballet Skirts, Edgar Degas
about 1900
In this vivid pastel, three tired dancers are waiting in the wings during a performance. They are resting and stretching, adjusting their pointe shoes or arching their weary backs.
Paris, France (place made)

Burrell Collection Meiping Vase
Meiping Vase
Ming Dynasty, Hongwu period, 1368-1398
This extremely rare Hongwu period Meiping vase shows a five-clawed dragon above magic fungus-shaped clouds. The characters on it, Chun Shou, mean ‘Spring longevity’.
China, Jingdezhen (place of manufacture); China, Kaifeng (place found)

Girl on Bicycle, Joseph Crawhall
about 1896
Crawhall shows his sister Beatrice on her bike with the family dachshund Fritz desperately trying to keep up. Cycling became popular among women in the 1890s with the invention of the safety bike.

Image shows Burrell Object Fragment from the 'Temple Pyx'
Fragment from the 'Temple Pyx'
circa 1140-1150
Once believed to be part of a ‘pyx’ (a type of religious container), this unique piece is now thought to have formed part of a book cover, shrine or reliquary.
Germany (possibly) (place of manufacture); England (possibly) (place of manufacture)

Image shows Burrell Portrait of Edmond Duranty
Portrait of Edmond Duranty, Edgar Degas
Duranty was an art critic and novelist, as well as Degas’ friend. He is shown seated in his study, surrounded by the books which were the tools of his trade.
France, Paris (place made)

Image shows Burrell Object The Thinker
The Thinker, Auguste Rodin
One of the world’s most recognisable sculptures, The Thinker sits with furrowed brow, coiled like a spring. His tense pose suggests the power and weight of human thought.
France (place of manufacture)

Image shows Burrell Object Set of Steeple Cups
Set of Steeple Cups
Steeple cups, named after the spire-like finial decoration, were often used for ceremonial display on the dining table. This is a particularly fine set of three.
England, London (place of manufacture)

Image shows Burrell Object Warwick Vase
Warwick Vase
2nd century
Found in the villa of the Emperor Hadrian outside Rome, the Warwick Vase was restored and gifted to the Earl of Warwick in 1774. Later it found a home in The Burrell Collection.
Italy, Tivoli (place of manufacture)

Image shows Burrell Object Figure of a Luohan
Figure of a Luohan
Ming Dynasty, 1484
The ‘Meditating Luohan’ is a life-size sculpture from the Ming dynasty. It belongs to a group of figures from the same temple that are inscribed with their maker’s name – Liu Zhen.
China, Shanxi province (place of manufacture)