Burrell Project Stories

A 'green' museum

ceiling beams with glass roof and bright sky

Being in Glasgow’s only country park, set amongst a changing natural landscape, is something that enhances a visit to the museum for many. You said you value nature and want to play a part in protecting the world.

Sustainability has been an important element of the refurbishment. The design incorporates some impressive features that improve the building’s energy efficiency.

New specialist glass keeps the cold out and the hot air in, reducing the amount of energy needed. It also limits the amount of light shining on the works of art, which is great news where fading is a concern. For evenings and winter afternoons, when a little more light is required, it now comes from low energy bulbs.

The building harnesses solar energy through photovoltaic cells hidden on the flat roof. These maximise the opportunities to benefit from the warming effect of sunlight, use natural daylight for viewing the Collection and in turn, reduce energy consumption.
Robert Special Projects Officer

The original construction featured natural materials such as timber and stone, which you can still see. Changes to the inside have made the building far easier to maintain.  Floors and skirting boards have been sealed to stop drafts and reduce dust traps; nobody wants to spend more time cleaning than necessary. In a museum, it’s also a really good way of stopping pests, such as moths, settling in where they aren’t wanted. This in turn reduces the need for insecticides. 

And what about future proofing? Energy to heat and power the museum will initially come from gas, but a newly installed system will use a greener, renewable source in the longer term, greatly improving the museum’s environmental performance. 

Together these improvements protect the Collection and offer you a more comfortable day-out, happy in the knowledge this is a visitor attraction working hard to reduce its impact on the environment.

Large group of children looking at an object in a glass cabinet

The stories behind the project

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Burrell Project Stories