Burrell Project Stories

Come on in

Outdoor space at the Burrell Museum

The thinking behind the redesign is to make sure this wonderful collection, which belongs to the people of Glasgow, is accessible to everyone who lives in the city and all those who visit.

One of the most obvious changes outside is the construction of a new, wider, step-free entrance. It’s a footpath. Some of you keen to see the wonders inside might not even stop to admire it. But many of our visitors, who come with a pram or wheelchair, said this paved concourse would make their journey from the car park or coach stop far easier. Now, from outside, you’ll head straight into the heart of the building on level two.

Another new accessible path joins the popular play park opposite the museum to the new café terrace, and in between there will be a new early years playscape. Beautiful landscaping around the museum provides space to wander, play or simply sit and take in the stunning setting of Pollok Country Park.

Your insights also shaped every decision made about what happened inside the museum. By listening to the challenges often faced by people with physical and sensory disabilities, the galleries and displays have been designed to make sure everyone can access them. And, by including a wide range of community groups to assist with how a work of art's story is told, we have introduced the use of BSL, captions and ten languages in the digital displays.

New learning and community spaces, a refreshed café, the introduction of indoor picnic areas and a bigger gift shop, will all be there to be enjoyed. This is the first museum in Scotland with two changing places toilets, alongside additional accessible toilets and an accessible lift.

You gave your time and in doing so you helped develop this wonderful new day out adventure for all.

One of the exciting aspects of the project for me is the chance to create an inclusive volunteer programme, by actively exploring how we can remove barriers to volunteering for people who weren’t able to get involved previously. For example, we are exploring bringing in BSL Interpreters or whole family volunteering to remove the need for childcare.
Yla Volunteer Co-ordinator
painter holds a paintbrush close to a painting of a child

The stories behind the project

Read more from our series of bite-sized project stories and discover how we have worked with the local community to develop new displays and undertaken extensive conservation work on the Collection to help create a world class, family-friendly museum.

Burrell Project Stories