Burrell Project Stories

This is a hands-on museum

Children looking at handling boxes

You can touch this. Go on, touch it!

Learn more by getting hands-on. Inside and out you’ll find plenty of opportunities to interact with the works of art on show. Come and be surprised. Just remember to pack your creative brain and be ready to have some fun.

Many of the displays tell the story of a vase or a sword or a painting in quirky, unusual ways, that really involve you in the experience. Like Top Tips for ‘reading’ a tapestry. Tapestries are like paintings, the artists carefully planned every stitch. Each detail means something and now you'll be able to unpick the beautiful piece they created to really understand it.

Group looking at objects from a handling box
We want visitors to feel comfortable coming to visit the museum and also enjoy all that the park has to offer - muddy boots will be welcome! In fact, The Burrell Collection and Pollok Country Park will offer a great day out in all seasons, for visitors of all ages.
Wendy Assistant Museum Manager

Everyone has a story to tell. Stories are how you learn, about yourself and others, they can entertain, educate and comfort. There's often great delight in passing them on to new family and friends.

The Burrells felt the same. They collected many interesting pieces that reveal a story and there will be a new space in the gallery to explore them. You're going to like it!

Partners like the Village Storytelling Centre will create activities that bring the collection to life, in a way that's never been done before.

Bringing the outdoors in will be an even bigger part of enjoying the museum than it was before. When you are inside, you will feel connected to the awe-inspiring nature on show in the park. Outside the museum has been designed to entice you in, to explore the incredible new experience you have helped create.  

Large group of children looking at an object in a glass cabinet

The stories behind the project

Read more from our series of bite-sized project stories and discover how we have conducted extensive visitor research to help develop exciting new displays for this world class, family-friendly museum.

Burrell Project Stories